'Legacy' Film

A Tale of Endeavor Snowboards, Pro Riding, and Snowboard Perfection.

Drawing inspiration from Max's summers spent at the legendary Option Snowboards factory and his personal preferences as a pro rider, Endeavor tirelessly pursued this rare snowboard construction method featuring continuous laminated fiberglass as the topsheet. The outcome? The pinnacle of snowboarding excellence.

Legacy Collection

The Legacy Collection is our season-less collection of snowboards, founded on the Dieter Rams’ principle of “less is more”.

It has taken us 20 years to arrive at a snowboard construction perfect enough to make our gold standard, inspired by our favourite board construction made famous by former Canadian brand Option Snowboards.

The Legacy construction does away with the traditional plastic topsheet and uses our Phonon pre-cured fiberglass topsheet as the top layer of the snowboard. The elastic energy built up in the continuous lamination process is released when you flex the board. The result is a super lightweight, powerfully reactive ride, whether springing out of turns or popping off jumps.

Phonon Topsheet

Fewer Materials, Greater Performance. When it comes to a light, stiff, and powerful board the combo of carbon and fibreglass is second to none. By removing the need for a traditional plastic topsheet and integrating the materials into one we have created a super lightweight, powerfully reactive board with less materials as the carbon and fibreglass topsheet is stronger than that of aluminum or steel.


1 - Phonon Pre-Cured Fibreglass Topsheet with 11 Carbon Stringers
2 - Pre-Cure Fiberglass
3 - The Channel
4 - Poplar / Paulonia / Birch Lightweight Wood Core
5 - 95A Smoothride Seamless Urethane Sidewalls
6 - Rockwell 48 Stainless Steel Edges
7 - Triaxial Fiberglass
8 - DuraSurf 4001 Wax Infused Sintered Base


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