Zoom Endeavor B.O.D. Snowboard
Zoom Endeavor B.O.D. Snowboard
Zoom Endeavor B.O.D. Snowboard
Zoom Endeavor B.O.D. Snowboard
Zoom Endeavor B.O.D. Snowboard
Zoom Endeavor B.O.D. Snowboard
Zoom Endeavor B.O.D. Snowboard
Zoom Endeavor B.O.D. Snowboard

Endeavor B.O.D. Snowboard

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Award winning vision of the ultimate daily driver
Unisex Shape & Sizing


With an award winning design, the Board of Directors reflects our vision of the ultimate daily driver. Its forgiving 3D camber profile gives a responsive ride that performs in soft snow whilst maintaining a loose feel when flat basing on cat tracks and traversing runs. Our Smoothride Sidewalls combat chatter while the tri-axial pre-cured fibreglass maintains the torsional rigidity. Dual tip and tail carbon beams improve the snap and response of the nose and tail so you can pop off every feature. The BOD is finished off with the fastest, hardest sintered base in the world for performance in all conditions.


Flex: Medium/Stiff
Terrain: All Terrain / Freeride
Camber: 3D
Shape: True Twin
Core: Poplar + Paulownia w/ Birch Reinforcement
Base: Dura Surf 4001 Sintered
Fibreglass: Tri-axial
Carbon: Carbon Beams
The Channel
Smoothride Sidewalls


Must have:

Endeavor B.O.D. Snowboard

$215.00 Regular price $539.00





All Terrain / Freeride


3D Camber


True Twin

Size Details

143cm 146cm 149cm 152cm 154cm 156cm 157cm Wide 158cm 160cm Wide 162cm
Contact Length (mm) 1050 1078 1104 1130 1148 1166 1174 1182 1180 1209
Effective Edge (mm) 1080 1106 1135 1164 1184 1203 1201 1222 1228 1259
Nose Width (mm) 288 291 292 293 293 294 304 295 306 297
Waist Width (mm) 242 246 247 248 249 249 260 250 261 251
Tail Width (mm) 288 291 292 293 293 294 304 295 306 297
Sidecut Radius (mm) 7200 7200 7300 7400 7450 7500 7600 7600 8400 7800
Taper (mm) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Stance Width (Inch) 16-21 16-21 17-23 18-24 18-24 19-25 19-25 19-25 19-25 19-25
Setback (inches) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Rider Weight (lbs) 70-100 80-110 100-155 110-160 120-170 140-190 170-220 150-200 180-230 160-210
Rider Weight (kgs) 32-45 36-50 45-68 50-72 54-77 65-85 77-100 68-90 81-104 72-95

Graphic Inspiration

Acetate colour combinations are generated by mixing organic colours with acetone and the raw acetate
plant based material. Rollers help mix the paste onto already thin flat sheets of acetate to achieve the special colour effects.

Complex colourations are produced by layering several colours and sandwiching them together or pressing them through a variety of dies. The acetate film may be chopped into small cubes and rollered again. These layers are molded into large blocks. After which technicians intricately slice off single new sheets which are dried in large kilns for several weeks to cure the material.

For this collection of snowboards, we photographed slices from these blocks of material to showcase the depth
and complexity of this aesthetically stunning material.


1 - ICP 2112 Plastic Topsheet
2 - Carbon Beams
3 - Triaxial Fiberglass
4 - Pre-cured Fiberglass
5 - 95A Smoothride Seamless Urethane Sidewalls
6 - The Channel
7 - Poplar / Paulonia / Birch Lightweight Wood Core
8 - Triaxial Fiberglass
9 - Rockwell 48 Stainless Steel Edges
10 - DuraSurf 4001 Wax Infused Sintered Base

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Christopher Kelly
Couldn’t Recommend Enough

I couldn’t be happier with the product and even more so the customer service. I’m riding on the east coast and the camber on this grips into ice unlike anything I’ve ridden. When there is snow, there’s a playful amount of pop to transition between turns quickly making it an all around blast to ride everywhere on the mountain. Customer service was also amazing, this was my first board I’ve ordered from Endeavor but will certainly not be the last! Great product from a great company!

Chris Knowles
New to Endeavor

This is my first Endeavor board and I’m sold, top sheet looks so cool. It made light work of the flats and felt solid at speed, can’t wait for next season…..

Hsiu-Ping L.
Experience Level: Expert

Love it

Experience Level: Advanced
Terrain: Resort/Groomers, Park/Pipe
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 150lbs
Boot Size: 9 US
Stiff Power board

Had the vice for a few seasons and wanted a stiffer board so i could venture more into freeriding. this board is pretty perfect just for that and its forgiving enough to take it to the park too

Dougie M.
Experience Level: Expert
Terrain: Resort/Groomers, Backcountry/Powder
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 190lbs
Boot Size: 9US
Third BOD

All mountain, all business.


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