Snow Surf Inspiration

In 2020, we developed a pow-surf with photographer / rider Mason Mashon and Doug Moreau, a shaper for Pyzel out of Oceanside, CA. Mason froths for the pow-surf life and he had a very clear vision for this board. 
The pow-surf board, shaped and created the same way as a surfboard, is insane. The 3D channels on the base, the concave top, and the batman vibes on the tail make this board a work of art. 
The pow-surf project led to developing three surfboards as well that Mason has in Tofino and another set made it to Bernardo in San Jose. We based these on the Archetype (5’6), Maverick (8’) and Scout (6’6) shapes.
It’s curious though at 44 that I’m seeing how surfing continues to shape snowboarding and how the two are so intertwined. For those growing up in Southern California, you’re shaking your head - surfing isn't native to living in Vancouver..
Although the project has been put to the side, we continue to work with Doug on surf inspired shapes...look out for the new board called the Free Ranger with the 90cm channel for surfy stances dropping this fall.


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