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Phonon Topsheet

What is Phonon?



Fewer materials, greater performance.

When it comes to a light, stiff, and powerful board the combo of carbon and fibreglass is second to none. By removing the need for a traditional plastic topsheet and integrating the materials into one we have created a super lightweight, powerfully reactive board with less materials as the carbon and fibreglass topsheet is stronger than that of aluminum or steel. 


Phonon Snowboard
Layer 4 - Phonon Topsheet (Pre-Tensioned Carbon and Fibreglass)
Layer 3 - Wood Core
Layer 2 - Fibreglass
Layer 1 - Base Material


Traditional Snowboard
Layer 5 - Topsheet (Plastic)
Layer 4 - Fibreglass 
Layer 3 - Wood Core
Layer 2 - Fibreglass
Layer 1 - Base Material



1. The strength of the Phonon Carbon Fibreglass is greater than that of aluminum or steel.

2. Exposure to water doesn't change its physical or chemical characteristics, since it doesn't absorb any moisture.

All of our Legacy Snowboards feature this topsheet and are timeless with restocks happening throughout every year. 



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