Back in the Hood

It's been 28 years since I've ridden Timberline, Mt. Hood in the summer (see below clip from Transworld Video Magazine). Little has changed which feels pretty rad!

I grabbed photographer Isami Kiyooka and hit the road at 5am. The trip from Vancouver to Government Camp, OR is 7 hours by car - all the old pit stops are as they were albeit with a Starbucks beside each one. If we punched it, we could ride the afternoon.

Rolling into Govie, kids with goggle tans were scattered everywhere. After a quick lunch, we headed up but blew it as the Palmer lift was already closed. Determined, we decided the hike up was worth the sweat. 

All the features were jammed with kids sessioning them. From a super pipe, two air bag features, several jump and rail lines, and a large and XL jump, Timberline delivered the quintessential summer snowboarding experience. 

Riders worldwide have always descended on Mt. Hood in the summertime as the focal point of summer snowboarding and it was amazing to see that this pilgrimage continues.

The riders who choose Mt. Hood as their destination for June, July, and August snowboarding are built different. They are the ones who day dream out the window of a car and see snowboarding features on the side of the road. They camp for three weeks at Trillium Lake so they can session every day (and look for Sasquatch at night). 

Big thanks to TJ Kern from Board Archive for having us. 



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