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Max Jenke's 'Legacy' Film Release

Max Jenke's 'Legacy' Film: A Tale of Endeavor Snowboards, Pro Riding, and Snowboard Perfection

Embark on a remarkable journey alongside Max Jenke, the founder of Endeavor Snowboards, as he traces his path from a 12-year-old enthusiast to a professional snowboarder turned entrepreneur. Relive Max's early days, sponsorship ventures, epic filming escapades with 'the Wildcats,' and his transition from a rider to visionary.

Drawing inspiration from Max's summers spent at the legendary Option Snowboards factory and his personal preferences as a pro rider, Endeavor tirelessly pursued this rare snowboard construction method featuring continuous laminated fiberglass as the topsheet. The outcome? The pinnacle of snowboarding excellence.

Directed by Maks Eidelson, 'Legacy' captures the heart of Max's journey at his West Vancouver residence augmented with footage from his past video parts.





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