Fernet Hunter BC x Endeavor Snowboards

Fernet Hunter BC is a special edition of the original Fernet Hunter and a fresh take on a classic Italian bitter.

Created in collaboration by Raphael Holzer (founder of Fernet Hunter) and Max Jenke (founder of Endeavor Snowboards), Fernet Hunter BC is a celebration of snowboard culture - a passion that Raphael and Max both share. 

What separates Fernet Hunter BC is the inclusion of wild blueberries, which can be found in the forests of Brunnwald, Austria as well as in the Northern interior of British Columbia, Canada. Wild blueberries are combined with Arnica, Orrisroot, and Lavender to produce a true bitter with strong aromatic character and complexity - ideally enjoyed on the rocks or with soda at the top of a snow-covered mountain. 

Endeavor supporter and photographer Tyler Ravelle provided the image on the front of the bottle and had this to say:

"The image was shot in the volcanic region of Garibaldi park. It is a sub peak of Mt. Cayley, which is a stratovolcano here in Whistler BC. The spines and texture come from the steepness of the rock and how different winds and storms form these unique shapes in the mountain. We snowmobiled to this zone and I knew we had a little window where the light would hit the spines perfectly, so In the early afternoon light I shot this image. I find I'm constantly drawn to lines, textures and shadows, these spines embody all 3 and while in the mountains I'm constantly looking for new features like this to shoot."


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