Endeavor x Brent Comber

Brent Comber's furniture workshop is at the foot of Mount Seymour where he can be found crafting large pieces of timber into incredible objects. This season we collaborated with him on the Clout. 

With his "Shattered" series Brent wanted to honour the memory of splitting wood, the physicality of it, the buildup of heat and energy within the body, and convey that in the work. 

By assembling different sized and shaped pieces of wood, random patterns were formed, zigzagged and irregular. Through the restructuring of a seemingly random pile of wood, a work of organized chaos emerges. The final result captures and conveys the process, and the energy required to conceive and create. 

To capture his incredible work, the Scorched Shattered wood was photographed and visually interpreted through layers of screen printing to create not only an incredible aesthetic but also a tactile feel.


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