Endeavor B.O.D. Series Snowboard


Still Available at Evo.com

Hit pow and speed lines in the morning, hit runs mid day and end the day messing in the park.

The All Terrain Freestyle 3D Camber (the contact points are bent up) is the ultimate 3D base on the market. The 3D areas at the contact points eliminates edge hook and creates a much looser, fun ride while being aggressive when you need it. 

The B.O.D. stands for the Board Of Directors and is the pride and joy of the Endeavor crew. The B.O.D. is a tech-laden board which stands at the pinnacle of performance and design. With an E-Tech II Construction,  featuring a fast Sintered base, Carbon of pop and of course Seamless Sidewall Technology, it isn't rocket science that Rusty Ockenden trusts this board. 

SPECS2017 Endeavor BOD Specs



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