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143cm 146cm 149cm 152cm 154cm 156cm 157cm Wide 158cm 160cm Wide 162cm
Contact Length (mm) 1050 1078 1104 1130 1148 1166 1174 1182 1180 1209
Effective Edge (mm) 1080 1106 1135 1164 1184 1203 1201 1222 1228 1259
Nose Width (mm) 288 291 292 293 293 294 304 295 306 297
Waist Width (mm) 242 246 247 248 249 249 260 250 261 251
Tail Width (mm) 288 291 292 293 293 294 304 295 306 297
Sidecut Radius (mm) 7200 7200 7300 7400 7450 7500 7600 7600 8400 7800
Taper (mm) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Stance Width (Inch) 16-21 16-21 17-23 18-24 18-24 19-25 19-25 19-25 19-25 19-25
Setback (inches) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Rider Weight (lbs) 70-100 80-110 100-155 110-160 120-170 140-190 170-220 150-200 180-230 160-210
Rider Weight (kgs) 32-45 36-50 45-68 50-72 54-77 65-85 77-100 68-90 81-104 72-95

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
CASEY D. (Canada)
Experience Level: Intermediate
Terrain: Resort/Groomers
Height: 6ft
Weight: 240
Boot Size: 9

This board is phenomenal.
I have never had more confidence on a board. Very responsive and great feel.
Anything I do it responds.

S.R. (Canada)
Experience Level: Advanced
Terrain: Resort/Groomers, Park/Pipe, Backcountry/Powder
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 150 lbs
Boot Size: 10.5
Great all around board

I bought this board to be a daily driver and it certainly does not disappoint. I like a more subtle graphic, so I love the look of the board, it is clean and classic. I thought the board had a bit more of a green hue to it based on the online pictures, but it is a bit more grey in colour in person. The board is a little bit softer than I expected from the description, but that really puts it right in the middle of the range for stiffness. It is quite playful and easy to manipulate. This really showed up in flatland butters and throwing it around in the park. It has a nice pop for Ollies and jumps, and it is light and flexible so you can adjust quickly in the air. I also found the board really nimble, so it was quite responsive for quick edge to edge changes. It also tracks well in the bumps and chop and it flexes nicely around the shape of the uneven terrain without too much effort - I found this very forgiving and it provided a lot of options for turning in the bumps. The board is quite narrow, which helps in edge to edge, but the float in the powder was average. I found I really have to shift my weight back to get the nose up. It was easy to engage carves and it holds a nice edge, however, at higher speeds the softness shows a little bit and you really have to work the back foot to keep your grip all the way through the carve. This is a great do everything board that will be an excellent daily driver for most conditions.

chunyang w. (Canada)
Experience Level: Advanced
Terrain: Resort/Groomers, Park/Pipe
Height: 172cm
Weight: 66kg
Boot Size: US10
great snowboard!

The board is lighter and softer than I thought, but it is still a very confortable snowboard for me.

Jacqueline W. (Canada)
Experience Level: Intermediate
Terrain: Resort/Groomers, Backcountry/Powder
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 110lbs
Boot Size: 7 mens
Instructor board and all Mountain sweetness

Got this to teach on, and to use as an all mountain ripper. Beauty construction and love the fact it’s a Vancouver brand.

Rebel S. (United Kingdom)
All mountain box ticker

Like most snowboarders I've had many boards but rarely do I want to stick with a board for more than a season. The B.O.D. is a keeper, the last board like this was the Ride Helix, that had a couple of areas it could improve on but the B.O.D. ticks all the boxes I want. I would however enjoy bolder graphics on both the top sheet and base but I guess they're not aimed at serious riders and not the social media poster. I would score this board 9.5 out of 10 as perfection is impossible.
P. S. I bought the Ozzy and Run DMC boards just to hang as art